Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update, and holding hands

I know, that probably seems an odd title for a blog post. And it's still not my real blog post. It may be next week before I can manage a normal, lengthy update - unless one just comes out in the middle of overloading on homework before this, another busy weekend. Last weekend, you see, was the OU-Texas game, for which all OU and Texas students get three-day weekends (thanks to long-standing tradition of students not showing up anyway, basically). A bunch of my friends and I went to Arkansas (you can see some pictures from the trip here on one of my friends' blogs), which was amazing. I plan on doing a writeup of it - next week, because this weekend, my parents are coming to visit. Which is going to be awesome, because I haven't seen them in two months. The consequences, however, include not having much time at all in which to do homework over the few days they're here, because I'll want to maximize my time with them (obviously!). In short, I have a great deal of homework to do, and very little time in which to do it.

In lieu, then, of a full-length blog update, I'm simply going to once again point you in the direction of some other interesting reading, this particular reading being on the topic of holding hands. Yesterday, one of Boundless Line's contributors, Motte Brown, wrote a short post discussing the importance of holding hands. I'm not sure I entirely agree with him - nor with the sentiments expressed in the article referenced therein - in the context of a committed pursuit relationship (though I'm not sure I disagree, either - I think this is more a personal conviction area) but I do agree that holding hands, like all physical contact outside marriage, ought to be thought about very seriously. Following up Motte's post with a post of his own today, Ted Slater posts challengingly to truly value holding hands.

Speaking from my own limited dating experience, and from the conversations I've had with a few friends, I have to agree that holding hands is a powerful and meaningful physical symbol of commitment to and affection for one's "significant other." We ought to treat it as such, not so casually as we often do.

- Chris

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  1. I would rather hold hands to show intimacy than anything else. BTW, I've left several comments and haven't been able to get them to post. But, I am reading. Keep writing!


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