Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Recommended reading

Well, I've found a number of new sites to recommend to all of you. First, I direct you to Josh Harris' blog, which is excellent reading. Harris remains one of the most Godly authors I have ever read on the topics of dating, courtship, sexuality, and male-female relationships in general. He also has an excellent grasp of theology and the importance of the cross in every part of our lives (his book on dealing with lust, for example, dealt with it in a way focused on the redeeming power of the cross rather than on human willpower - a significant difference from most books on the topic).

Alex Chediak's blog also seems to be excellent reading all around, and he seems to have an excellent grasp on the underlying realities and truths of our situation as fallen beings who are redeemed and now being sanctified. Good stuff there, and lots of references to things I've been referencing, which is always fun to see. I can't speak for his book or the rest of the website, but the blog is good.

Last but certainly not least are two excellent posts on a blog called Theophilus, one in response to the free grace movement, and one on questions we ought to ask in evaluating songs for worship. Both essays are excellent, but be warned, they are long (particularly the response to "free grace" theology; it clocks in at over 16,000 words). I can't say I completely agree with all of his points in the response to free grace theology 100% - he is clearly Calvinist/Reformed in his leanings, and I am not - but with that exception, I can wholeheartedly recommend his work as a solid, thoroughly Biblical refutation of the fallacies inherent in the arguments of the free grace movement. The essay on questions about worship songs is dead on the money, so far as I'm concerned. Enjoy.

- Chris

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