Monday, October 23, 2006

Meditation on rest

A brief meditation:

To sleep is perhaps to rest, though resting need not involve sleep. Which is good, because all too often we haven't the hours to sleep as much as perhaps we ought. But to rest - to rest is to cimply be at peace, to wait in a state that allows one's body to refresh itself, to be renewed. Conversation can be as restful as sleep sometimes. So can staring at a starry sky. So can walking in the rain with a friend. Rest is a gift. It was given to us for our good, because our Father - who gives only good gifts, and who alone gives truly good gifts - knew that we would need it, and in the goodness of His heart, blessed us with it.

When was the last time you rested? Truly, deeply, rested? Not just slept, not just sat and watched a movie, not just read a book (those are all wonderful things, and can be rest, but are not inherently), but actually let go, let your mind settle on God alone in quiet meditation as you did whatever you were doing?

Rest and peace are partners. If peace is simply knowing God - truly and deeply - then perhaps rest is simply letting Him be God in your life, no matter the circumstances. No matter how busy we may be, we can be rested in Christ.

Go in peace. Be refreshed by your communion with Almighty God. And don't forget how marvelous a thing it is to be able to have fellowship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

- Chris

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