Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two weeks, plus change

I meant that title in every sense of the phrase... it's been two weeks and two days since I last posted, thus two weeks plus change. But it's also been two weeks of change. I regret not being able to post that update with musings on the Reformation, and I may still do so at some point, though obviously it won't be on Reformation Day at this point. Many of the things that have happened in the last few weeks either don't belong on here at this point or would take far too long to write out. Blogging, at least until Christmas break, still has to remain a somewhat lower priority. I simply don't have the time to give to it to be able to blog as much as I was before. Instead, I must continue to dedicate myself to excellence in scholastics. Next semester should be somewhat easier in some ways, though certainly not in all, and that will open some opportunity. Regardless, skillful management of my time is a requisite for success in college, and blogging was taking up way too much of my time. It's a good thing and a blessing to be able to do, but it needs to be something that is a relatively small part of my life right now. I will certainly be blogging fairly extensively over Christmas break, and again over next summer, but school's demands are high, and if my scholastics are to be done worshipfully, then I need to do my work heartily, as to the Lord and not as to men. It's a blessing to be back, and I look forward to seeing how God continues to use this blog.

Grace and peace with all of you. I will share at least a little glimpse of all God has been doing either tomorrow or Saturday.

- Chris

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