Saturday, December 9, 2006


[The formatting here isn't right. To see it properly, e-mail me and I'll send you the .pdf of it.]


Broken dreams
Shattered hopes
The ruins of life's great spectacle
Cast down in pieces on the ground

Glass fragments
Pottery shards
Empty vessels full of pain
Come humbled and broken to this place

To this place where
Where there's a Maker
Who'll renew again
That which is broken
Who will mend the tears
In the hearts of the shorn
Whose gentle touch
Reshapes the clay
Whose loving embrace
Is the promise of eternity

When we cry out
In the dark
When we falter
In blackest night

We find You there,
Still unmoving and unchanging
Rock of the Ages

So when my heart
So when my mind
So when my eyes
So when my lips
call out

Still You are God
Still You are King
You are Father and
You are Son and
You are Holy Spirit
Be ever praised.
Be magnified.
Be glorified.
Be exalted.

Embrace the suffering
Your grace is sufficient for me.

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