Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I think I need to clarify. Apparently that last post came out sounding a bit depressed. If so, it's for good reason; I've been dealing with seriously depressing things. But I need to make it very very clear that though the road is hard and sometimes dark, I do have a great deal of joy in the midst of all of this. I am not focusing on my pain because I think it is that important in the overall scheme of things, but simply because I see ways in which my testimony of God's faithfulness can be (and, I know from experience, is) an encouragement to others. If I have been remiss and emphasized my pain over His faithfulness, then I apologize; it has certainly not been my intent. Rather, my intent - always - is and has been to point to the glory of the One who is taking me through this. I do not understand all His purposes; these have been incredibly difficult months. Yet I have a great deal of joy in the midst of these circumstances, and peace uncommunicable.

Just thought I should clear that up. As I have noted before, His grace is more than enough. May His blessings fill your life - and above all, the blessing of knowing Him deeply and richly!

EDIT: My computer is working. Turned out to be the video card, which is good. I can replace it for probably less than $50. Which is good! Praise God for His faithfulness in that, as in all things!

- Chris

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  1. I was beginning to be worried about you!
    My computer went kaput last month. My husband bought a new laptop to replace it and I like it, so I think I might buy a new one after Christmas. We have been looking at used floor models at Wal-Mart. Sometimes you can get display models around $300 or $400. Unless you need something super fast, these work well for word processing and internet.
    Anyway.....your in my prayers


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