Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Some clarification

Some clarification is in order, I think:

Some of my points on courtship in that last post were somewhat hyperbolic in nature. They arose in the course of discussions, and I said them to challenge people's thoughts on matters rather than because I wholly believe them myself. It is probably clear that the text is responsorial rather than contemplative in its organization and its thought process. Particularly, where I posted on the degrees of intimacy allowable before marriage, I set a standard well beyond what I believe is Biblically mandated - because I had the intent of provoking thought (which seems to have been the case). For example, I fully intend to kiss my wife before we marry - though I have the personal conviction not to kiss until we get engaged. And certainly, I think there should be deepending emotional intimacy before marriage - but we ought to guard it very carefully, always aware that we do not belong to each other yet. That ought to be our attitude: guarding the other person's heart, ever and always, because ultimately, while we are each other's in this life, we still are only temporary caretakers of each other, for on the other side of eternity, we are God's alone, and we will all have perfect intimacy with each other.

On the other hand, in the context of my thoughts on marriage, I'll stand by those quite firmly, until such a time as someone shows me a better way.

I find myself today marveling at God's grace, and His strength. As Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 12:9, He has told us that His grace is sufficient. We now get to boast in our weaknesses, rather than decrying them, and to glory in His strength. I'm reminded as well as I consider this of Paul's word to the Philippians that we ought to glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in our own flesh. The harder my own circumstances get (some of which explain my long absence, though I do plan on being back more regularly at this point), the more aware I am of God's all-surpassing strength, and the more I become aware that my own strength is utterly inadequate. So now I get to boast in that weakness: I am emotionally drained, and in many ways I feel very lost and confused. Yet God promises that His word will light my path; and He knows our hearts and our trials... and He has not allowed us to suffer any trial we cannot bear, but He always gives us a way of escape so we can bear every test we encounter. It is His grace, not our own strength, that carries us through. The more difficult our lives become, the more it is Him that shines through and the more we vanish into His light.

And that is worth living for.

Grace and peace be with all of you. Lean on Him, not on your own understanding! (Prov. 3:5-6)

- Chris

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