Friday, May 11, 2007

Two years, and counting...

This is a rather strange feeling. I've finished my second year of college - which means I'm halfway done. It doesn't feel even slightly odd to think I've gone through two years; in many ways it feels much longer than that (more like four or five in terms of how much I've been forced to grow compared to my ordinary rate of growth before that). Yet to realize I'm halfway done with my college years (for if I go to grad school, that will be a very different environment, no doubt) - that is an odd feeling. I find myself rejoicing at all that has come before, and excited at all that is to come. Yet it is a bittersweet moment, because as we come to this juncture... well, it is a juncture.

As different as this year was from last year, I know the changes next year will be far greater. I have several good friends who are going to be studying abroad the whole year. I have a good friend getting married in December. I have many friends graduating next spring. I'll be a Safewalk RA next year. I'll be a junior. The freshman guys I've been meeting with for discipleship time with be sophomores, and at least one of them will turn around and be discipling other guys. I'll be on an ministry team through the BSU that will have some of the same people and leadership, yet will have a completely different flavor than it has this year. I'll be living in a different part of campus than I have before. I won't have a roommate at all. I may be writing a book.

My world is going to be different. And that's amazingly exciting. Yet it is hard at times to let go of a good thing when its time has ended - and there are many good things whose time is ending now. Yet, as Solomon understood, there is a time and a season for everything under the sun. This time, this season, is drawing to a close. And that is a good thing! Bittersweet... but mostly sweet.

God bless, all of you.

- Chris


  1. Time does go by fast. Too fast or too slow. Never in between. Just a week ago, I just finished my first year of college. It seems not long ago that I was a fresh student just coming in to my university. I don't know. During the school year, many of us desired for time to go faster. However, when we are near the end of the semester, we started praying that college will never end (majority of us anyway);).

    What I'm going to miss is the community and life I had at the dorms. It's really cool that I have friends literally around the corner. Being at a Christian university, there were many opportunities to fellowship with all my sisters in Christ. Plus, I met some of most authentic Christians I ever met as well. The only thing I will NOT miss is the fact majority of the girls at school watched Grey's Anatomy every Thursday, which is not my cup of tea to say the least.

    Anyway, I will pray that God is still molding you, which hopefully that will not change. May God bless you with everything with your life.

  2. congratulations!

    bittersweet ... yes. it will become more poignant as time moves forward in life ... letting go of one thing to move onto the next ... it's good to do that ... life would become stale if not ... yet to be able to bottle some seasons in time to pull out and experience in their fullness once again ... ahhhh :)

  3. Hey Chris!
    Thanks for stopping by Compassionate Calvinists. I just now saw your comment! As you may have noticed, we don't get around to updating very often. My fellow compassionate Calvinist has become busy with other projects and I have moved my writing over to another blog,

    Congratulations on being halfway done with college! I just graduated over the weekend, and take it from me, your next two years will fly by faster that you think.

    God bless you and keep you!


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