Wednesday, December 12, 2007

At the close of the semester

I'm done with finals. I either did spectacularly well or merely all right on the one I took this morning. Here's hoping for the former.

I'm wrestling with sin, seeking its destruction. God give me strength and grace.

I am somewhat frustrated. Having 24-quiet hours during finals is an understandable policy - but, in my opinion, extending it to all first-floor social lounges is not. People need to be able to relax and wind down between (and after) finals; taking that away from them hinders, rather than helping.

I miss having a piano in my room. Someday, when I have my own house, I will have a piano to go with it, and that will be a joyous day indeed.

I'm tired of screens. I want nothing to do with them at the moment. Ironic, then, that I find myself here, writing - in front of a screen. I need to escape my room. Not sure where to go. I'm going to try the practice rooms, but I'm not sure I still have access; there seems to be some confusion on the computer as to my status as a music person these days. Understandable: I'm no longer taking the classes in sequence to get a degree. I miss them, though.

Composition is going well. I'm nearly done with all my work for Jamin and Danielle's wedding - which is good, seeing as it's two weeks from tomorrow. The odd part? It doesn't really strike me as odd that my four of my good friends - three of them my age - are going to be married in less than three weeks. I will be at 3 weddings between now and December 27th, and I'll be the best man in one of them. I feel as though that ought to be a strange feeling - but the only thing strange here is that I have no such odd feeling.

I'm not feeling terribly profound in my writing today. That's alright. Sometimes we of necessity must simply expurgate the overflow of our minds with the banal. Sometimes we simply need to take a break, rest, understand that the trivial and mundane are good things. It would be nice if we could always delight in the exceptional. Someday, we will. Until then, we continue in this existence - not drearily, but not so beautifully as we will eventually walk.

Weather has been odd here. Trees were cracking on Monday from the weight of the ice. There are entire sections of the city still without power. All because of water and cold temperatures. Funny how we can be so powerful and yet so helpless before the elements of nature. They sky proclaims end to end all that God has done, and it is worth remembering that, like the wind, we do not know from whence he comes or to whither He goes.

My heart breaks over the shootings in Colorado on Sunday. I pray that God be with those people affected (and they are many). The prevalence and destructiveness of sin in the world grieves me immensely. I long to see the people around me freed of all that binds them - indeed, though rejoicing in the grace shown me, I long to delight in it all the more, being truly freed of all the sin that used to so easily entangle me.

I am tired. It has been a long semester, and I am ready for a break. My eyelids have drooped a good deal these last days.

That is all - for now. Perhaps tomorrow I shall post more of the fiction I've been working on. For now, I go to (hopefully) practice piano for a time.

Grace and peace of our Father and Maker be with you.
- Chris

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