Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A year of hope

New. There is much new. This is a new year. But it is not the newest thing. The newest thing is also, in many ways - all the important ways - the oldest. It is hope. This year has much hope in it. I do not know what it will contain. But I am filled with hope. Not the sort of emotional exhilaration that comes from anticipation - though of course there is a place for that in our lives - but rather the steady assurance that God is going to move in remarkable, incredible ways in the year ahead. I have no idea what that looks like, for my life or for any other. But I have hope.

Hope is a frightening thing if you place it where it does not belong - that is, anywhere but God: on any circumstance, on any person, on any thing. God alone is faithful. And if we hope in Him, if we hope Him, not what we want Him to do - this hope is assured to be rewarded. No matter what come, that hope will be fulfilled. Hope is marvelous.

And I am hopeful. 2008 is a year of hope. Because it - like every year before and every after - is a year that is God's. And that is more than enough.

- Chris

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