Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shadows and Light

Light skitters across the ground, chasing shadows.
Or are the shadows chasing the light?
'Tis not of no import, who chases and who follows,
Though the two're not always distinguishable by sight.

Mirror images fight.

Meaning, there is, in the chase:
Meaning that truth is here to be found.
Dancing and mingling the twain, 'cross a child's face
An innocent child, or guilty, here's all fate bound.

Dichotomies abound.

Light could be the chaser and darkness the lead.
Or be darkness the follower, light e'er in front?
Difference is weighty, though oft hard to be seen,
And hope or despair seem to in equal parts come.

Hidden here a ransom.

Matters, it does, trivial seeming:
Matters of color and palettes and shading.
The play of the fire and thrill of its gleaming
Of just as great import: day's into night fading.

A line and a gating.

When mingling the two, which wins wins the day
Does shadow in mystery eliminate light?
Or does light in her glory destroy all the dark?

the twain never joined,
yet paired close indeed

Who sings this refrain?
What voice carries song?

What ray can this be
that splits night in two?

Now leaping the lame,
And blind see the dawn.

Light has been seen
and hopes all come true.

darkness is banished
shadows are vanished

Coming of day!
Rushing of gold!

Splendor and majesty!
Glory and might!

Voices are raised,
the timid made bold.

The grandest of amnesties,
Purchased by right.

'Tis darkness that follows, and night that's the lie,
In daybreak, in sunrise, is true truth proclaimed.
For shadows are vanquished and go now to die:
And true hearts forever are rightly enflamed.

Photo: this poem, transformed into visual form by wordle.net.


  1. i LOVE that you've put this into poetry, Chris! EXCELLENT!

  2. Wow!
    Very well written.
    Makes one think as one reads and consider.
    And the word pic is WAY COOL!


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