Saturday, January 10, 2009

A few thoughts...

I'm in Fort Worth, now; I was in Lubbock on Wednesday; I was in Colorado before that; tomorrow I will be in Norman again.

Christmas break has been a whirlwind. Time with family, time to catch up with a few friends, time with Jaimie, time with her family. It has been incredibly good, refreshing, encouraging, and I'm very much looking forward to the coming semester. Not least, I'm looking forward to seeing all that God will accomplish. Every time I go into a new season of life, I find myself more expectant about His work and more excited about seeing Him glorified in that season.

There are interesting days ahead, to be certain. We live in days of uncertainty. There has perhaps been no worse time in my life to be seeking employment, and I am coming quickly to the close of college. Interestingly, I find myself not at all troubled by this. I know not what form God's provision will take, but that is of little consequence. Why? A moment ago I momentarily made a typo, writing "Good" instead of "God," and in that typo is a shadow of the truth on which our hope is pinned: God is indeed good. He is the source of all good; indeed, He is the very definition of good. And on that truth I rest all my hope. I have a wedding coming in July (yes, July!), and a family to support from that wonderful day forward. I rest, though, in knowing that it is not I who will ultimately provide; my source of provision as ever is my great King. All that is made is His; He is not troubled by struggling economies or by...

any of our circumstances. Why the pause? Because there was 24 hours or so between the writing of the beginning of that sentence and its finish.

I sit now in my dorm room in Norman, having completed the final leg of the trip I spoke of above. I sit here, missing Jaimie, but looking forward to seeing her in a few days. I sit here, frankly not looking forward to RA training this week - that is another post, or no post at all - but excited about the semester ahead as an RA. I sit here, not ready for classes to begin, but yet very much anticipating them and expectant that I will enjoy all of them. I am, it seems, something of a mess of contradictions. Then again, as I have reflected with friends, so are we all, and so we will remain until perfected.

I will be posting at least once a day the rest of this week, or such is my goal, and if God willing I will meet it. I look expectantly to the rest of this hour, of this day, of this week, of this month, of this year, knowing that all that God has in store will be far better than anything I might plan. May His grace fill you and keep you in perfect peace; may His glory be your one passion!

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