Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pursuing Him together

A life of corporate worship can be born only where lives are devoted to private worship; but private worship can thrive only where corporate worship is practiced faithfully. The two are utterly inseparable. We are individually called to follow God, but we do not follow Him except that we do so together. Corporate worship is the overflow of private worship, and private worship the fruit of corporate worship. And worship is more than song!

Worship is the ascribing of worth to God in everything: in song, yes, but also in plumbing and writing software and cleaning bathrooms and grieving and sex and mountain climbing and falling ill and praying and hearing God's word faithfully taught and fasting corporately and feating together! Worship is living for the glory of God, and that can no more be done alone than it can be done without doing it oneself. Glory!

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