Monday, April 26, 2010

Travesty!—Losing Thoughts Because I Didn't Write Them Down

I need to start writing down ideas that would make for good blog posts—either here or at Pillar on the Rock—when they pop into my head. I remember having at least three good ideas for blog posts today, two of them perfect for Pillar. Alas, I did not write them down, and now I sit here scratching my head, wondering what I should write about.

On that note, to all my readers: how would you go about remembering the blogging ideas that pop into your head when driving on a crowded highway? Writing it down, obviously, is out of the question. Help me out here: this is when I get (and lose) a solid third or more of my blog ideas throughout the day!


  1. Call yourself and leave a voicemail. Or call your wife.

    I'm not going to mention anything involving texting because 1) you're driving and 2) you don't text.

    BTW: I really like you're new layout. (not that new perhaps, but still)

  2. Ah... PJ stole my ideas. I guess you should take it as doubly-good advice.
    I particularly like the leaving yourself a voicemail thing, because you can also insert a joke to make yourself laugh later in the day.

  3. Ah, now those are good ideas. And making myself laugh later in the day is a good idea, especially since the next time I get to my phone will be after 8 hours of work!

  4. I have a research ideas notebook that I carry around.


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