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Monday, August 9, 2010

Weddings, Photography, and Writing

I edited—in whole or in part—three articles for Pillar on the Rock tonight. They'll all be going up over the course of this week. If you haven't stopped by in a while, you should; Pillar is slowly shifting in the direction of an online magazine (a format we've been close to for a long time). Among other things, we're increasing the number of authors we have writing for us, and offering some broader perspectives on Christian living as it relates to the church.

Due to helping with Anthony and Megan Plopper's wedding, I had little time to write last week. I anticipate having only a little more this week (on Wednesday evening), as Jaimie and I will be traveling to an in Colorado from Thursday through Monday. We will have some time with my family, and I will get to reconnect with a number of friends from Focus on the Family Institute (now the Focus Leadership Institute) at a reunion being held this Friday through Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing both friends and family again. It will have been a good week for visiting; Jaimie's whole family came up and visited us today. We really enjoyed spending a few hours with them—especially since it didn't involve driving to Fort Worth.

One of the little ways I helped Anthony and Megan with their wedding was taking engagement pictures for them. I was reminded, in the two or so hours we were at it, how very far I have to go as a photographer. (I also recognized the one significant shortcoming of my current camera body: it won't do spot metering. When you're shooting in high-contrast environments, that can be a serious time-killer!) Below are my favorite two pictures I took that day. You can see the rest of the ones I've put up so far here.

While those two came out well, I definitely still have a long ways to go as a photographer. Unfortunately, I have more hobbies than I can manage to sustain at any given time. I have my often-mentioned web design interest (I just added some more functionality to Pillar last week, focusing on a simple but pretty new animation for the navigation menu and on post snippets on the home page), music, writing, and reading projects!

I mentioned early in the year that I was planning to write a string quartet based on the life of David. I have never been able to get that project off the ground, thanks to a combination of busyness and a general lack of inspiration. Despite spending a great deal of time mulling it over in my head, I could never quite get the ideas to gel. I've recently been contemplating taking the same idea and writing a full-scale symphonic work (probably totaling 30 to 40 minutes of music). Obviously, that's a huge project, and it would take me a while with my current schedule. Nonetheless, I'm thinking hard about attempting it. I know I would enjoy it.

I have a few other projects in the dock as well. In addition to writing the final post in my series on alcohol over at Pillar (a controversial one, as you can imagine), I am brainstorming a post on discipleship, outreach, and the relationship between the two. I am continuing to work on my essay regarding media, pop culture, and relational wisdom; with some writing time set aside on Wednesday evening I may even be able to finish it. 52 Verses continues to plug along nicely; fully 8 poems are live now—each one a bit different from the others.

I've also been reading N. T. Wright's massive treatment of the historical evidence for the resurrection, The Resurrection of the Son of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Vol. 3). It's good, but very thick and very heavy reading. I also have a Joyce Meyer book waiting to be read and reviewed. (Odd as that may sound, I make a point to read and review a wide variety of books, because lots of other people read a wide variety of books, and the most useful content on this blog is in the book reviews, at least in terms of the reasons people come here from search engines.)

Jaimie is contentedly working her way through the latter parts of The Wheel of Time, and I am enjoying watching her do so. The further she gets, the more we can discuss, and since the series is one of my favorites, that makes for a lot of fun conversations. She also keeps baking me good cookies—which is great, except that it makes it far more difficult to steadily lose weight in my bid to get in shape for a marathon someday in the future. My running speed steadily increases, as does my strength, but it would be much easier if my wife weren't such a good cook. (Even so, I am managing to keep on target. It's hard, but I'm getting there, and enjoying it.)

Speaking of Jaimie: you should go take a look at the most recent posts on her blog. She has a knack for hammering out spiritual truth in compelling ways that pushes me to do better myself in my own writing. Her most recent posts, It Is Finished and Baby, Baby are both exercises in communicating transparently, honestly, and Truthfully about the realities of this life.

With that, I am going to go; I have some reading of my own to do this evening, and I plan to be up at 5am and at work at 6am tomorrow. May God bless you with his peace, whatever your circumstances, and may his grace be your hope and strength in all things.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photo blog, week 1

I'm going to try to blog photos once a week through the rest of the year. A chance to appreciate the beauty of all that God has made!

Here's how I'm going to do this. Each week, I will upload the pictures to facebook, in a distinct album specifically for them. Then, I will post a link here, with the picture I think characterizes the album the best, imbedding a link to the album in that picture. Click the picture, and you'll see the rest of the album. You won't need a facebook account to see them; don't worry.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Details

I'm feeling unwell; I hope I'm not getting sick, though I fear I may be. Not something I can afford at the moment. If God allows me to become ill, however, I know He will supply all the grace and strength that I require.


I proposed to Jaimie Dawn three weeks and two days ago.

This is the first time I've had a chance to post pictures, but they're here now!

It's the most incredible thing in the world (slight case of hyperbole; that honor actually belongs to salvation and the opportunity to glorify Christ with our lives) to be engaged to this wonderful woman. She blesses me, encourages me, challenges me. And she's incredibly beautiful, and one fantastic kisser!


God is challenging me and growing me in ways that are unexpected. Which was expected. I am increasingly coming to appreciate the ways He works, and to simply relax and go as He leads instead of focusing on my own wisdom and plans. Too often my wisdom and plans fail because they lead away from Him and His ways.


Classes this semester are good and challenging in new and interesting ways. I'm taking my capstone, which is research - continuing the project I started this summer - and a Quantum Mechanics class, which are my only forays into the world of physics this semester. On top of that I'm taking music composition lessons (huzzah!) in which I'm working on an orchestra piece for the first time in several years, which is incredibly fun and exciting. (I'll post a sample or even the whole thing when I'm done with it.) I'm also taking a World War II history class, which is incredibly interesting - indeed, fascinating. Last but not least, I'm taking Introductory Greek (that is, of the classical variety), and that's easily my favorite class. There's something incredibly elegant and beautiful about the structure, word construction, and general flow of the language. Far more so than English. Trust me, you'll be hearing a lot more about this over the coming semester! (Along the way, I picked up a classical Greek keyboard, set; hopefully this'll show up properly for you: βίος τὸς κάλος. [Life is good/beautiful.])


I'm attempting to memorize the book of Hebrews this year. I'm crazy excited. It's easily one of my favorite books in the Bible; the picture it presents of Christ is incredible and I love reading it. Having it memorized would be hugely exciting and immensely helpful. It's also going to be pretty challenging... and I like challenges.


This whole post feels rather thoroughly incoherent. That's okay. I just needed to get it out, to get an update out, to have the keys under my fingers again. Eventually the feel of writing will return to me properly, but it's going to take some time.

God bless you all; may His grace and peace keep you!

- Chris

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shadows and Light

Light skitters across the ground, chasing shadows.
Or are the shadows chasing the light?
'Tis not of no import, who chases and who follows,
Though the two're not always distinguishable by sight.

Mirror images fight.

Meaning, there is, in the chase:
Meaning that truth is here to be found.
Dancing and mingling the twain, 'cross a child's face
An innocent child, or guilty, here's all fate bound.

Dichotomies abound.

Light could be the chaser and darkness the lead.
Or be darkness the follower, light e'er in front?
Difference is weighty, though oft hard to be seen,
And hope or despair seem to in equal parts come.

Hidden here a ransom.

Matters, it does, trivial seeming:
Matters of color and palettes and shading.
The play of the fire and thrill of its gleaming
Of just as great import: day's into night fading.

A line and a gating.

When mingling the two, which wins wins the day
Does shadow in mystery eliminate light?
Or does light in her glory destroy all the dark?

the twain never joined,
yet paired close indeed

Who sings this refrain?
What voice carries song?

What ray can this be
that splits night in two?

Now leaping the lame,
And blind see the dawn.

Light has been seen
and hopes all come true.

darkness is banished
shadows are vanished

Coming of day!
Rushing of gold!

Splendor and majesty!
Glory and might!

Voices are raised,
the timid made bold.

The grandest of amnesties,
Purchased by right.

'Tis darkness that follows, and night that's the lie,
In daybreak, in sunrise, is true truth proclaimed.
For shadows are vanquished and go now to die:
And true hearts forever are rightly enflamed.

Photo: this poem, transformed into visual form by

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black and Pink Ball

Last Friday night, Jaimie and I attended the Black and Pink Ball (as I did with friends a year ago). It was one of the best evenings of my life (bar none) for sheer enjoyment and fun. Spending the evening talking and dancing with the most amazing girl I know, who looked positively stunning, was incredible and unforgettable.

That said, here are some pictures (click to view full size)!

Jaimie sitting across the table from me at dinner (great food at an Italian place called Victoria's here in town), smiling her beautiful smile at me.
My new favorite picture with me in it. We were at the ball itself here, with the best backdrop we could find without washing out our features.
Practicing our dance moves - or rather, looking like we are so we can take a cool picture.

You can find the rest of the pictures from that night, Valentine's Day, and some other randomness here. Enjoy!

I'm so blessed to have this girl in my life... God has given me an incredible girlfriend, and I cannot wait to see how He works in our lives.

Today marks one month of our officially being dating!

- Chris

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

Here are some pictures of my girlfriend (do you have any idea how weird it is to type that?) and me last night celebrating Valentine's Day. I am an incredibly blessed guy to have her in my life!

I am still in awe that I've been blessed to have an amazing girl like her in my life - passionate about Christ, loves people, bubbling over with joy, musical, deep, thoughtful, kind, tenderhearted, and incredibly beautiful... I don't deserve her. She's amazing.

And we had an amazing night last night.

God bless you all.

- Chris

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Beauty in the Sky, pt. 2

I took these pictures two nights ago... I love the beauty here. Context: these pictures were taken at sunset on an evening when we were in between two major bands of storms. Unfortunately, I have the posts backwards, so enjoy the second post first.

Glory to God!

- Chris

Beauty in the Sky, pt. 1

Friday, April 13, 2007

Face-Off: Pair Debates Homosexuality

Here's an article you all might enjoy reading. I was honored to be able to participate in this, and blessed at how God used me. Certainly I can't take credit for the conversation going so well; God definitely orchestrated it.

Interesting point... she called me a Baptist. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ who's involved in a Baptist church and ministry, but one trend I've noticed in my generation of believers (myself included) is a distinct lack of denominationalism and a much greater interest in the solid teaching of Scripture and an emphasis on God-centered worship. If those conditions are met, the denomination is far less important. That's not to say, of course, that some denominations don't have tendencies to fulfill those requirements better or worse than others, but that denomination is less important than the fulfillment of the requirements for a Biblical church.

Anyways, bed time for me. Big day tomorrow - R.A. interview, work, class, and much else. God bless!

- Chris

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Life and Dancing

Some quick summary, followed by pictures. It's been a good day, and it is ending well so far. I had another migraine last night, and I'm hoping to get in to see a doctor early next week to start making some progress on that. I had an interview with Mardel yesterday, which seemed to go well, so I'm praying for God to open that door should it be His will. I've been blessed again with an example of God's incredible provision - exactly what is needed to get through the next several months, with just enough to be able to go dancing tonight. I needed that. (Side note: I need more guys to go with me next time!) It was a blessing on many levels. These are some of the best pictures from the evening. I'll probably come back and re-upload these after I've had a chance to go through and edit them.

As well, you can see the rest of the album on facebook (regardless of whether you have a profile; this is a specific access to this album only).

Now it's time for me to go get some sleep and whatnot. God bless, all, and have a good night!

- Chris