Saturday, April 28, 2007

I could use some prayer...

I'm asking for your prayers. For many things, most of which I won't go into here. But one that I would appreciate your intercession for...

Today is my 105th consecutive day with a headache. That's every single day this semester and for a week before it. Today is also the third consecutive day I have had a migraine, and fifth day out of the last seven that I have. I am very tired. I am more than willing to continue to persevere if God so wills it; I do, however, need your prayers for strengthening.

What amazes me is the grace God has given me. This is such a testimony - that, in the midst of dealing with these headaches so continuously, His will is still being accomplished in my life, His glory becoming ever more clear to me. He has even blessed me scholastically in ways I do not deserve this semester, and He has kept me in spite of the frequent difficulty of focusing through the pain. I am in awe of His grace and His goodness and His mighty working in my life - at times through these very headaches as He has used them to teach me reliance on Him alone.

I am somewhat frustrated because of the difficulty of getting in to see my doctor right now. Things have been delayed because of insurance, schedule conflicts, etc. I was supposed to have an appointment this coming Monday morning, but my doctor will not be able to be in the office... so I don't know when it will be. I hope it's soon. In the meantime, there is simply more opportunity to praise the God of gods, the King of all who has been so immensely faithful in this time. I know He has a purpose for this, and I'm extremely excited to see the outworking of that in my life.

So I ask for your prayers, because I need them, but I also hope that the testimony of all God is doing in the midst of this circumstance is an encouragement to you. God bless you all, and may His peace keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!

- Chris

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The "little" things

So, they had chicken parmesan in the cafeteria tonight. First time of the evenings when I've gone to the caf in about two months that that's happened. It's my favorite thing they make there, and it was there tonight. God knows, and He is faithful. Little blessings, little encouragements - not so little, really. He's amazing.

God bless, and peace be with you all.

- Chris


I don't understand You right now, God. I don't understand why you've had me walk this path, nor why You've taken me once again to this place.

But - and here's what amazes me - it's okay. You are God. You are amazing, beyond compare, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the God of all the universe, beyond our comprehension. You made the world with a word, You created the vastness and the splendor of this universe with a breath. You set the worlds in motion; You started the stars on their long dance; You spun the quarks in their steps. You who are greatest became least; You accomplished the most magnificent act in the most horrific manner; You rewrote history and remade humanity.

You are GOD! I cannot proclaim loudly enough, not if I could amplify my voice a billion times, how great and how awesome You are. I cannot speak long enough of Your awesome deeds. No symphony I could compose could even hint at Your splendor.

So though a tear runs down my cheek, I will rejoice! How can there be joy? the human heart asks, when instead it ought to cry out, How can there be anything but joy? I will sing praises to the Lord, to my God and King, to Him who sits enthroned in the Heavens forever and ever! Praise be to God - the perfect Father whose love is greater than the sweep of the sky; the Son who became the Sacrifice, a perfectly spotless Lamb; the Spirit who is a Comforter like no other, a Counselor beyond compare. Holy God, I worship You!

Fall on your knees before the God of all, the Lord of everything and everyone, the King who sits enthroned forever and ever. Amen.

- Chris